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About DIA - Frequently Asked Questions

 When should I plan on arriving at the airport before my flight?

Passengers should check with their airlines for up-to-date flight information. Generally, it is recommended that you arrive a minimum of two hours before a domestic flight and three hours before an international flight. Those traveling with young children, the elderly or persons with disabilities should allow even more time. Updated information on security wait times at DIA is available to local passengers by calling 303-DIA-TIPS (303-342-8477). The time given on the recording does not include waits at airline check-in counters or vehicle inspection points.

 Who is responsible for security screening at DIA?

Currently, the Transportation Security Administration oversees Wackenhut Security personnel at all three passenger screening checkpoints at DIA. The airlines at DIA also have representatives at the security screening checkpoints. Most security-related questions can be answered by contacting the airline you are flying, or by going to the Transportation Security Administration’s website.

 How many items can I carry-on an airplane?

The new TSA rules enforced by the airlines allow a maximum of one carry-on and one “personal” item per person through security. A carry-on bag cannot exceed 9” by 14” by 22”. A personal item is defined as a reasonably sized purse, briefcase or diaper bag.

 How can I get through security faster?

Denver International Airport offers an express lane through security checkpoints. This lane is for people with no carry-on luggage. One personal item is allowed in the express lane. (See above for definition of personal item.)

 What items must go through the x-ray machine in security?

All items you carry through security must be put through the x-ray machine. This includes cell phones, pagers, palm pilots, cameras, film and laptop computers. Laptops must be removed from their carrying cases and both items must be x-rayed individually. X-ray machines will not damage film unless the film is very high speed. Denver Airport Transportation.

 What items cannot go through security screening?

A good rule of thumb is anything with a sharp point or a cutting edge will NOT be allowed through security screening. More specifically these items are also prohibited:

 What else can a passenger expect in security screening?

All passengers and carry-on bags are subject to search. Bags will be screened through an x-ray process. For individuals, screening may include wanding, removal of shoes for inspection, and pat-downs. If a passenger is selected to be patted down, the passenger has the right to request that it be done by a same gender security agent and in a private area. Passengers may also request to remain in visual sight of their personal belongings during any search process. These procedures are performed for the security of all passengers. If traveling with small children, keep them with you during any security screening process.

 Who is allowed to go to the gates on the concourses?

Currently only ticketed passengers are allowed through security. Passengers must produce proof of “a clear intent to travel” on that specific day prior to going through security screening. Tickets, boarding passes and e-ticket confirmations satisfy that criteria. Denver Airport Car Service.

 Are there exceptions to the “ticketed passengers only” rule?

The airlines have been making exceptions to this rule for people with special needs such as unaccompanied minors, the elderly, and physically challenged individuals. Contact the airline you are flying to find out the exact procedure on how you can get through security. Usually, an airline reservations agent can help you make the arrangements. Additionally, Denver International Airport contracts with the Traveler’s Assistance Program (TAP). TAP is available to assist our guests with any special needs and challenges that they may have, including wheelchairs. Please contact the staff and volunteers of TAP in advance at (303) 342-0400 to make arrangements. Denver Airport Taxi

Will I be able to take my medication through security, even if it includes needles?

Airlines are making exceptions for those with medical needs and allowing them to go through security. You should be allowed to keep whatever medical supplies you need with you. Just make sure you have some type of prescription or other medical documentation that can be readily matched to your photo ID.

 Who can I contact with a complaint about security?

The TSA is responsible for securing all modes of transportation in the United States. The TSA now has a complaint line and ombudsman for security screening complaints. The number is 1-800-255-1111.

 If I can’t meet my party at the gate, where can we meet in the airport?

The first place to meet a traveler is at the fountain in Jeppesen Terminal. The fountain is located in the center of Terminal Level 5 in front of the exit from the passenger train. Your traveler will arrive in from the gates on that passenger train, come up an escalator, and enter the Terminal in front of the fountain. Meet your party there, and you can go together to baggage claim, which is right around the corner from the fountain. When waiting for your party, please remain behind the ropes so that traffic flow can be maintained in the area. Your other option is the baggage claim area itself.  It is also on Level 5, just around the corner from the fountain.  Signs will direct you to the proper area for the airline you need. Denver Airport Shuttle Service.




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